Thursday, March 31, 2011

The theory progresses

I posted a few more times on the ABC website and saw that several people embraced the idea that Jake was alive but because that board is so big it's difficult to have a real conversation. I returned to the board which I really prefer because it's more interactive.

On 3/29/11 Ed Martin wrote a great piece for the HuffPost entitled:
General Hospital Tragedy: Has This Soap Finally Gone Too Far?

The conversation really took off when I responded to the post on About.Com on March 30, 2011 regarding Ed Martin's article (which is a brilliant assessment of GH and worthy of a read.) General Hospital Fans
hosted by Maria Ciaccia

I'll include my first comment here:

Ed is a great writer. So glad you picked up his article!
I hate that the s/l pinned this on Luke… but that is the writer’s lazy writing. It would have been more devastating if it had been Carly or Sam.
IMO Franco took Jake, supplanted him with another, mangled little boy.
He planted the evidence on Luke’s car.
This will create tension within the Jason/Sonny/Luke dynamic and distract Jason from whatever it is that Franco is up to.
Having stirred the mud, so to speak the writer’s have opened doors for couples to switch.
Jason could get back together with Liz, Sam with Lucky, et al.
(the potential is there)
Luke goes on his traditional hiatus and returns just as he is cleared (Jake is found)… it’s almost ‘too convenient’
Ah.. my last thought.
The writers may know ‘exactly’ what their doing.
There is no such thing as bad press and look at all the press they are getting. Of course, it is at their viewer’s expense. Heartless at best.

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