Monday, June 3, 2013

It's all about Franco, now.

It's all about Franco, now. He has more ELQ shares than Lauren and AJ and Tracy will be courting him for his shares which is both creepy and amusing to imagine that they have to swallow their pride/anger/fear/squeamishness to get close to the 'reformed' psychopath.

Still, this doesn't make Franco feel like a long term roll for me.
A year, maybe two. It doesn't feel sticky, the way I'd like a role for Roger Howarth to feel. Like it's 'home base' and he's not going anywhere.

I still think that this whole business with Prospect Park will work itself out in court, and Franco will get killed off, Kiki will run away, devastated, Ava will be imprisoned (perhaps she kills Franco?) and Silas will fly away, into the night (bat reference).

Then a month or two later Todd will return from the Ashram he's been hiding out in, Starr will return from her music tour, and John will follow up with his return from deep under cover.

And everyone will settle down.

At least... that's what I think.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

How I would have introduced Sam and Silas on General Hospital (the new GH3)

Silas: I have no problem with Dr. Silas Clay being Stephen Clay's brother. None whatsoever. It is the most reasonable of all the 'new character' situations. I do, however, take issue with how his character was introduced and specifically the conversation with Sam. It was no only nonsensical, it was kind of lame. I think it would have been more interesting if it went down like this:

Sam is roaming the New York Hospital in search of Morgan, she turns and gasps in recognition as the man in the doctor's coat turns around. The man inhales sharply. "YOU" they both exclaim at the same time. "You're supposed to be dead" Sam utters.  At the same time the man says "I told you, the last time I saw you, you're dead to me".
End Scene

Next Scene:
Sam: HUH?
Man: HUH?
Explanations ensue
Turns out Silas is Stephen Clay's older brother, not Stephen Clay, so he isn't dead.
Turns out Sam is Sam, not Lily. Lily was Silas' girlfriend before she was with Stephen Clay. She cheated on Silas with Stephen and left Silas for his younger, hotter, more interesting rock star brother Stephen. Silas never forgave Lily or his brother which is why he had NO IDEA his brother Stephen was a) a psychopathic murderer and b) dead because they had cut off all contact over 10 years ago.

This makes much more sense than whatever 'what goes around comes around' nonsense Silas was uttering yesterday that left me scratching my head.

Also, the name Silas is creepy as hell. I expect Silas to be the doctor of death at this point.

BTW... I don't understand why all three new characters had to come in so dark and/or evil. Couldn't one have come in like a ray of freaking sunshine? While I love snarky Roger Howarth how fun it would be to see him be a happy, go lucky FRIENDLY character (although I'm still hoping he is a hypnotized Jason under the control of Jerry/Faison set out to terrorize Port Charles). Fingers Crossed!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

GH3 return on May 10

Just wondering...
If Roger Howarth returns in the role of Jason Morgan would everyone complain:

A) That he has returned as a new character
B) That he has returned as Jason Morgan

Because it seems to me a great way to shift focus.

Afterall, it's split on Jason, right? (Half don't want the mob, but Sonny, Carly, Sam, Danny and Monica all need Jason and there is still a big JaSam fanbase).

And, let's admit it, who among us doesn't want to see Jason wipe the smug off of AJ's face?

Roger and Kelly have amazeballs chemistry, as do Roger and Laura... and it would be so easy to move into those scenes.

But, since Ron Carlivati said that the return of the GH3 'answers one of Pt Charles most asked questions' and that 'they're coming back in a big, fun way' you know the three will be returning together.

So now we must consider... Who will Kristen Alderson and Michael Easton play that could tie into Jason's return...who could it be??

I immediately think of Franco and his daughter Lauren.

Which, would be awesome, but is not necessarily "fun" and not longterm enough for Michael Easton.

Still, it would be "shocking" if they could just find Luke's pink Cadillac for the ride into town ;)

(Hope to post more Generally Hospitables now that I'm feeling better...)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The big 'D' for JaSam?

I think it is lazy for THIS couple to get a divorce. Some couples need to get a divorce (abuse, neglect, violent behavior, etc). I support that.

However when it is obvious that a couple is clearly in love and just ‘doesn’t know what to do’ then I think it is a lazy way out.

Therapy? Relationship work? Spending time together instead of immediately parting? Where was that?

If my husband and I ran away from each other every time there was a bump in the road we wouldn’t have made it almost 20 years and I guarantee that my parents would not have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last weekend if they had not put work and commitment into their relationship.

Jason and Sam were sold to us as the couple that ‘could’. Because they were friends and lovers. Because they had triumphed over so much adversity. To just shrug all of that off and have them each run to a new pairing feels fake, oddly uncomfortable, and insulting to the viewers who have committed themselves to this pairing.

I was teary eyed last night for the loss and end of Jason and Sam but also for the poor message it sends to viewers that relationships aren’t worth saying. Trust me, many are.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

GHFCW (General Hospital Fan Club Weekend for the uninitiated) 2012 Main Cast Event

We arrived around 9:30am and wound our way back through the Sportsman's Lodge, over the two bridges and into the same area as Jule's and Kel's event was, however, the main cast event was just past, further down the hall, in an enormous banquet room.

When we walked into the room we were stunned at the cacophony of sound. We were each handed a card that announced General Hospital Golden Moments with the new logo used in the promo now and a coffee cup. Registration was easy today as we were on the list. However, boy oh boy were we in the back of the room!

Table 40 (out of 50).

The plus is that we were close to the back door which meant easy access for fire and bathroom. Also, we were served our food rather quickly. The negative is that we were so far back that it was difficult to hear and see much of anything. However, once the Q&A began with Bradford Anderson as the host (filling in for John York) it wasn't much of an issue as he kept to the back of the room, repeated questions and answers and made a point of interacting with the entire room. He is a pretty amazing guy. Oh, but I'm out of order. Let's back track a bit.

The set up.
The room was set up with Raffle options, and 'shopping' options all around the room. I find it interesting that they used the term 'Raffle' since the IRS requires that any 'raffle winnings' be taxed. They ran a 50/50 raffle (I did not win but the pot was supposedly split at $650 each with one-half going to charity. They did call out to the winner to return to the booth as there was a math discrepancy. Who knows what that means but it sounds foreboding to me!) They had hundreds and hundreds of other 'prizes'. I lost track. I didn't even bother buying any 'raffle' tickets because there was too much 'stuff' to sort out. There was also a host of 'silent auction' items and many of them were props from the show.

There were some cool things such as Robin and Patrick's airline tickets, Jason and Sam's Dragon/Phoenix figurines, etc but the prices were already steep and people were running around with wads of cash. I looked at my husband and rolled my eyes and said 'I'm out'. We would have bid on the figurines but they were already at $500. OMG. Seriously people! They weren’t even porcelain but  rubberized which happened to be a good thing when the woman in front of us grabbed them from Doug after Doug pointed it out. She promptly dropped the Dragon and it disappeared under the table. Luckily Doug was able to retrieve it. The Escort was not impressed.

We bought a tee-shirt and a photo book to have people sign. Of course, I bought a book that only had 1/2 of the people in it so the rest of the people just signed the card that I had. Oh well. People got their complimentary GH mug signed. That was a good idea. Maybe I should have done that. Oh well. HA. Jen Lilley was telling everyone to bake their mug for 10 mins on 350 and the signatures will be preserved for life. She was really a doll, especially after the morning's announcement that she had filmed her last day at GH the day before (Friday). (I included a photo of her and Frank Valenti hugging.) Everyone will miss Jen. She had a huge standing ovation when she walked into the room.

Eventually they told everyone that the auctions were closed, announced the winners and started calling 'raffle ticket' winners. This lasted probably 2 hours. We were served our meal through this time.
The food was a surprise to me in that it was served quickly, efficiently and was really good. I had a 'special request' which can go horribly wrong. I ordered vegan/gluten free. The server knew exactly who I was and what I ordered. My meal was very tasty and beautiful to look at, as well. My husband had the chicken which he said was also very good. The servers worked hard and the kitchen must have worked over time to prepare over 500 meals and have them ready at the same time. It was impressive.

Finally, the plates cleared, the tickets were over and we waited. Nervous chatter and excitement filled the room because during the tickets/meal all of the 'stuff' along the walls had been moved out and the tables had been converted for the GH Cast. Signs were placed with their names. People would sneak out of their seats to figure out who was where on the wall and then rush back as if they were doing 'recon' hushed voices saying "Michael Easton is on the SOUTH WALL ... GO THERE FIRST".

We got the announcement the cast was ready to enter and here they came. One last disclaimer was made for cast members that 'couldn't make it'. I'm not 100% of the order of how they were announced. They started with Cameron (he's so tiny) and worked their way up. No sooner had the last cast member taken their seat than did they start shifting in their seats which was interesting. It was if you could see who the real 'friendships' were. We were given the announcement to 'take photos' and everyone tried to rush the stage. I got in as close as could but it was packed.

Then Executive Producer Frank Valentini showed up and the room went crazy. He hugged Jen Lilley as everyone screamed cheered.

Finally, the room settled down for the Q&A.
As I said Bradford played host and ran around the room helping the audience. Questions ranged from personal to storyline. No storyline questions were answered and always deferred to Frank. That quickly became a running joke. Nathin Butler provided the best non-answer Frank deferral of the day. There were a lot of references to 'shirtless scenes' by the cast which was met by screams from the fans. Some questions were of the 'who would you play on the show if you can't play your character' type. It was silly and fun but I won't say I learned anything about GH. The best "Question/Answer" was posed to Frank Valentini who, when asked if he would reprise the Nurses Ball responded "I love Nurses and I love Music". Everyone applauded and took that as a positive sign. At least he didn't say he loves balls. OMG.

After the Q&A broke we were instructed to stay in our seats for the actor's safety as they were escorted to their tables. Of course people were milling about. I was coming back from the bathroom so I was breaking the rules already. Oops. (at least we were in the back). Doug said some of the actors left but we realized later this was because they went to the other room.

A few tables were called to go to line up. For whatever reason even table 43 was called before they finally announced "ALL THE REST OF YOU" meaning our poor table, table 50 and a couple of others.

My hubby and I wandered around a bit. Passed by Shaun Blakemore and thought we'd hit him again as we wanted to do longer lines first. Unfortunately he left early.
Our first table was Steve Burton. He had a short line. Holy cow! Lucky us.
Then we saw Frank Valentini, (who was standing by the stage but nice enough to visit with me and take a photo) Nathin Butler, Lisa LoCicero, Rebecca Herbst, Jen Lilley, Bradford Anderson, Haley Pullos, Drew Cheetwood. We also snapped a few side photos including Kelly Sullivan whom I met on Friday and have several photos of, Robin Mattson, and Maurice Bernard. Both Robin and Maurice had lines that were out the door long. I was not feeling 'great' on Sat and we opted not to wait the 1+hour for each line. Michael Easton had a crazy long line, too. As we left we found Julie Berman along with Jason Thompson and Dominic in the room that Jules&Kel had used on Friday. I was happy to see long lines for them but just as happy to drop into the seat of my car, head home, plop down by the pool and fall asleep. (Which is exactly what I did.)

When I awoke there was a package by my door. My Fat Kat sweatshirt from Baby Gagoo had arrived. (This is Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo's company and proceeds benefit Sojourn) Seemed like a fitting end to a long but happy weekend celebrating General Hospital!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heather Webber for Mayor of Port Charles

Heather plays Stephen Lars like the fiddle he is.
Truly brilliant.
I was on the edge of my seat the entire time yesterday wondering what brilliant lie was going to come out of her mouth next.
I swear, if I was a psychopath I could take a note from her.
Alas, I’m just a fairly normal person in a stable relationship… but the lies she was spinning had my jaw dropped to my chest - not only in simplicity but in self deprecation.
Olivia comes off as a hater. Stephen Lars comes off as a sap. Heather comes off as a tad self-righteous but in the lie moment she is urging the listener along with such aplomb it is hard not to believe her. She is a born politician.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

last week was a great week for GH!

There were a lot of moments I loved this past week and some of them just because of the underlying humor or tension or chemistry between actors.

For instance... I love Todd with Sam. I love Todd with Carly. I love Todd with Heather (wait maybe I love Todd??? I didn't watch OLTL religiously - although I tried to when he was on, but I crack up when he tries to explain the Lords, or Buchanan's or why he had to shoot Victor to the Port Charles citizens. It makes me laugh, hard.

I didn't necessarily like the immediate hatred that took place between Jason and McBain and it was too convenient to have them sit next to each other on the plane (after John speaks to Sam on the phone, no less) but I did like that they were 'adult' in their goals - it reminded me of the old days with Johnny and Jason. I wish that McBain would GO BACK TO LLANVIEW and see little Victor, though.. just to solve the baby thing. Although then that leads to losing Todd and Heather... which leads me to...

I love Heather.
We missed out on some incredible story opportunities for years and now we have her, but if the writers keep it up with her serious, hard core bad way pace we will lose her quickly. It's one thing to dabble in a quickie murder and a body shuffle, but the baby switch is going to get her caught eventually. NOW she's got Luke in the same gardening shed where the baby switch occurred and Spinelli and Sam are on her tail which means that eventually they will put two and two together. That's the end of Heather. That is a drag.

Less is more and when they haul her butt back to Ferncliff we will miss her antics. It isn't like she can pull a Franco and live outside the law forever. She doesn't have his resources (unless she can figure out how to inherit them).

It was an excellent week. Looking forward to more!