Monday, June 3, 2013

It's all about Franco, now.

It's all about Franco, now. He has more ELQ shares than Lauren and AJ and Tracy will be courting him for his shares which is both creepy and amusing to imagine that they have to swallow their pride/anger/fear/squeamishness to get close to the 'reformed' psychopath.

Still, this doesn't make Franco feel like a long term roll for me.
A year, maybe two. It doesn't feel sticky, the way I'd like a role for Roger Howarth to feel. Like it's 'home base' and he's not going anywhere.

I still think that this whole business with Prospect Park will work itself out in court, and Franco will get killed off, Kiki will run away, devastated, Ava will be imprisoned (perhaps she kills Franco?) and Silas will fly away, into the night (bat reference).

Then a month or two later Todd will return from the Ashram he's been hiding out in, Starr will return from her music tour, and John will follow up with his return from deep under cover.

And everyone will settle down.

At least... that's what I think.

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