Thursday, May 16, 2013

How I would have introduced Sam and Silas on General Hospital (the new GH3)

Silas: I have no problem with Dr. Silas Clay being Stephen Clay's brother. None whatsoever. It is the most reasonable of all the 'new character' situations. I do, however, take issue with how his character was introduced and specifically the conversation with Sam. It was no only nonsensical, it was kind of lame. I think it would have been more interesting if it went down like this:

Sam is roaming the New York Hospital in search of Morgan, she turns and gasps in recognition as the man in the doctor's coat turns around. The man inhales sharply. "YOU" they both exclaim at the same time. "You're supposed to be dead" Sam utters.  At the same time the man says "I told you, the last time I saw you, you're dead to me".
End Scene

Next Scene:
Sam: HUH?
Man: HUH?
Explanations ensue
Turns out Silas is Stephen Clay's older brother, not Stephen Clay, so he isn't dead.
Turns out Sam is Sam, not Lily. Lily was Silas' girlfriend before she was with Stephen Clay. She cheated on Silas with Stephen and left Silas for his younger, hotter, more interesting rock star brother Stephen. Silas never forgave Lily or his brother which is why he had NO IDEA his brother Stephen was a) a psychopathic murderer and b) dead because they had cut off all contact over 10 years ago.

This makes much more sense than whatever 'what goes around comes around' nonsense Silas was uttering yesterday that left me scratching my head.

Also, the name Silas is creepy as hell. I expect Silas to be the doctor of death at this point.

BTW... I don't understand why all three new characters had to come in so dark and/or evil. Couldn't one have come in like a ray of freaking sunshine? While I love snarky Roger Howarth how fun it would be to see him be a happy, go lucky FRIENDLY character (although I'm still hoping he is a hypnotized Jason under the control of Jerry/Faison set out to terrorize Port Charles). Fingers Crossed!

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