Friday, April 15, 2011

“GH is Safe for Time Being”

This in depth interview with Disney/ABC Head of Daytime Brian Frons really does not shed light on why AMC and OLTL were canceled. It only offers his justification for his and Disney/ABCs callous actions that left hundreds of actors, behind the scenes employees, and journalists at two soap magazines out of work.

I’m going to start watching Y&R next week since it looks like that’s where the GH actors have been going these days. At least I’ll have a fallback for long arc daytime drama.

After that.. I suppose it’s webisodes and local theater.

video of Brian Frons canceling All My Children and One Life

In case you want to see it…

This is the video of Brian Frons canceling All My Children and One Life

This is how cast/crew apparently found out. :(

Thursday, April 14, 2011

mixed messages

ABC is replacing two beloved shows with a very mixed message:


um.. excuse me?

Will GH be replaced with a talk/psych show to help straighten out Eating Disorder confusion generated by the two new shows?

Is this the master plan? J/K I have no idea.. but I'm sad about AMC and OLTL and the future of GH looks grim.

ABC Axes All My Children and One Life to Live

What a sad, sad day for daytime television.

I cannot believe that two beloved ABC daytime shows will be gone in just a few months. While I mostly view GH I still tune into AMC and OLTL. I cannot imagine a world without Erica Cane and Victoria Lord.

"Love in the Afternoon" is being replaced by "Junk in the Afternoon" and I simply will not watch reality TV. If I wanted to see a cooking show (which I do not) I would choose one of the many, many shows now on cable, the same goes for weight loss (and I personally dislike weight loss shows).

Disney is also canceling SoapNet as well to replace with yet another children's programming channel.

Why not give us SoapNet on another channel? I'd gladly pay for it and I'm sure other soap fans would, as well.

Move AMC and OLTL there. If you can't possibly keep them as separate shows then combine them. Keep all of our soaps on SoapNet, keep reruns of our favorite soapy shows and sell advertising of products that we pay viewers would buy.

There is a market out there Brian Frons and Anne Sweeney. Don't just shove us aside... we'll just go online to webisodes, another network, etc. But once you inevitably kill GH those TVs will remain "Dead in the Afternoon".

Monday, April 11, 2011

"Junk in the Afternoon"

Maria from Hospital Fans said that of two pilots slated to replace All My Children and One Life to Live, one didn't make it. This will possibly save one of the shows for awhile. An announcement is due soon.

The proposed shows were a weight loss competition and a cooking show. Only one of them will be chosen.

Brian Frons thinks reality shows can work in daytime.

So "Love in the Afternoon" will be replaced by "Junk in the Afternoon"


If Brian Frons wants to junk up Daytime/Network TV so badly then have at it. Why not move Soap Net to another channel instead of canceling it in 2012. I'd pay for Soap Net (unlike HBO or Showtime) just to see my favorite soaps, plus reruns of soapy shows. There are plenty of unused numbers ... and it's not like Disney needs every channel for 24/7 children's programming.