Friday, June 8, 2012

Will Heather Kill GH? She is mad enough to do it!

If GH does end next year, my hubby and I have decided on the perfectly ghoulish way for it to end.

After yesterday's episode, where it seemed that Olivia, Spinelli, Matt, and Dante were all added to Heather's TEA Party list, we decided that Heather is going to become the secret serial killer in Port Charles and start picking off the citizens, one by one, or driving them mad enough that something tragic happens to them (perhaps an understandable suicide, or a convenient car accident???).

At the end, we envision Heather standing victorious over Tony Geary's lifeless body, screaming to the heavens saying "You're mine, you're all mine"

Of course, we'd prefer to see GH reach it's 50th, not see Heather knock off everyone in town etc, but if GH has got to go eventually, it would be better than a big mob war or just canceling the show with lose ends all the way around. Macabre, yes, but tidy.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I love Todd and Heather but enough with the deadbabies on GH

I haven't watched today's ep yet but...
I loved yesterday's episode.

I didn't feel like Todd was the impetus behind the baby switch. I felt like it was all Heather.

I LOVED Heather and Todd, I loved that Heather actually was more 'in control' than Todd and came across as more evil and 'bad'. I also loved how sympathetic Heather was to 'deadbaby' acknowledging that the baby didn't deserve it's circumstance.

If Tea hadn't shown up when she did, If Heather hadn't shown up when she did.. well, I feel like Todd would have given Sam her bigbaby back and told Tea that her baby was dead... no matter how 'afraid' of her anger he actually seems (in a 'I don't want you to hate me for killing your deadbabydaddy kind of way). Todd has layers that actually contain compassion. That always surprises and endears him to me, even when he's being awful.

As far as Jason being a day late and a dollar short. He has been, ever since the entire Franco thing started. Blame 'hewhoshallnotbenamed'. He started it all. Ruined Jason. Built him up and destroyed him. The OLTL writers are just driving a stake into him.

** In no way do I mean offense to any dead baby or person who lost a dead baby. I wish GH would raise the age limit on the people they would kill off to at least high school graduation. I've seen enough children being killed on this soap to last me a lifetime