Friday, June 8, 2012

Will Heather Kill GH? She is mad enough to do it!

If GH does end next year, my hubby and I have decided on the perfectly ghoulish way for it to end.

After yesterday's episode, where it seemed that Olivia, Spinelli, Matt, and Dante were all added to Heather's TEA Party list, we decided that Heather is going to become the secret serial killer in Port Charles and start picking off the citizens, one by one, or driving them mad enough that something tragic happens to them (perhaps an understandable suicide, or a convenient car accident???).

At the end, we envision Heather standing victorious over Tony Geary's lifeless body, screaming to the heavens saying "You're mine, you're all mine"

Of course, we'd prefer to see GH reach it's 50th, not see Heather knock off everyone in town etc, but if GH has got to go eventually, it would be better than a big mob war or just canceling the show with lose ends all the way around. Macabre, yes, but tidy.


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