Sunday, July 1, 2012

last week was a great week for GH!

There were a lot of moments I loved this past week and some of them just because of the underlying humor or tension or chemistry between actors.

For instance... I love Todd with Sam. I love Todd with Carly. I love Todd with Heather (wait maybe I love Todd??? I didn't watch OLTL religiously - although I tried to when he was on, but I crack up when he tries to explain the Lords, or Buchanan's or why he had to shoot Victor to the Port Charles citizens. It makes me laugh, hard.

I didn't necessarily like the immediate hatred that took place between Jason and McBain and it was too convenient to have them sit next to each other on the plane (after John speaks to Sam on the phone, no less) but I did like that they were 'adult' in their goals - it reminded me of the old days with Johnny and Jason. I wish that McBain would GO BACK TO LLANVIEW and see little Victor, though.. just to solve the baby thing. Although then that leads to losing Todd and Heather... which leads me to...

I love Heather.
We missed out on some incredible story opportunities for years and now we have her, but if the writers keep it up with her serious, hard core bad way pace we will lose her quickly. It's one thing to dabble in a quickie murder and a body shuffle, but the baby switch is going to get her caught eventually. NOW she's got Luke in the same gardening shed where the baby switch occurred and Spinelli and Sam are on her tail which means that eventually they will put two and two together. That's the end of Heather. That is a drag.

Less is more and when they haul her butt back to Ferncliff we will miss her antics. It isn't like she can pull a Franco and live outside the law forever. She doesn't have his resources (unless she can figure out how to inherit them).

It was an excellent week. Looking forward to more!

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