Monday, June 18, 2012

sexytimes with Luke Spencer

I love Luke and am so happy to see him (and Anthony Geary) on screen.
I prefer the Luke/Tracy love dynamic although I love, love the Luke/Anna friendship. I just don't like the idea of sexytimes with Luke/Anna. I don't know why, but to me it feels awkward and a little forced. However, when Luke and Tracy are being sexy/silly I feel more... I don't know, commitment?

So I ask, why can't Luke and Anna be platonic friends?  I think Luke would be an awesome friend to have. Say you have some things you'd like to fence. Call Luke. Say you need to get a bag of loose diamonds, quickly, call Luke. Need to broker a deal with the local mob? Luke's your man. He is also related to several law enforcement officers even though he dallies on the other side of the tracks. He is at turns haunted and hopeful. He is great at foot rubs, breakfast in bed, prefers the spa and the finer things in life and always has a way to finagle his way around a dollar.

Tracy has plenty of those dollars and seems eager to share if it will get Luke back. Anna was just appointed Police Commissioner and probably should not be having sexytimes with Luke. (which of course means they full speed ahead). I think it seems wrong on many levels, the Robert level, the lies Luke has told her, and of course, the fact that Tracy wants him back.

I wish Jax would come back and sweep Anna off of her feet. THAT would be awesome and also totally stress Carly and Johnny (a relationship whose days are numbered anyway by a little thing called murder and his new partnership with Lulu). This causes friction in all of the right places (and puts Luke right back in Tracy's arms!)

Tail between her legs Carly could find comfort in the arms of Shawn, and all will be right in the world.

Until July.
That's when Blair will leave and Todd and Carly can finally be together!!

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