Saturday, June 16, 2012

nuKrissy - mob princess?

I don't like the new Kristina. It has little to do with the actress and more to do with the attitude although I personally think the other actress (Lexi) played petulant and pouting better and looked more like a Davis (she was small and petite like her sisters and to me her facial features matched Molly's and Sam's much better).
The new Kristina comes across as mean, angry, bullying, and seems to tower above the rest of the clan - she even seems taller than Sonny.
I hope she finds a way to play 'an unhappy Kristina' without driving too deep of a wedge between herself and the audience.
I always loved the character of Kristina, so I hope that this actress finds a rhythm, and that a decent story comes about (right now the storyline is terrible, which again is not her fault). The 'Mob Princess Reality Show' storyline is painful. Why Alexis doesn't throw an injunction down Trey's throat I don't know. Let Kristina threaten to "cut all ties". So what. Cut all money. She will be back. If she is a mob PRINCESS she will be back. Stupid.
I'm giving her (the actress) the benefit of the doubt, and hoping she will learn not to bulldoze her way through every scene.  I remember reading something from Maurice Bernard (Sonny) who said it is better to build a slow simmer than to explode in every scene. Hopefully she will learn a lot from working with him and we will come to love the new Kristina as much as the old.

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