Friday, June 15, 2012

the rape of Connie

Kelly Sullivan was AMAZING yesterday.
She absolutely blew me away.
I couldn't look, I couldn't not look.
I had tears streaming down my face as she reenacted the entire 17 year old Connie scene culminating in 'the rape of Connie.'

I saw some complaints on Twitter about television using rape as a way to move story along and I agree.. I hate it. GH has done it way too many times, but I will say that regardless of the motives behind the scenes, this storyline makes sense to me (more so than Sam's rape or Micheal's rape) and it was one of the most well acted scenes on daytime. Ever.

I understand why Connie split into Kate. I understand why Kate was tough and cold as ice, she was an exoskeleton put up to preserve and protect.

I understand why the adult Connie was harsh and brash, her job was to strike out and protect what was left, and that was not very much, just the frightened fragment of a 17 year old who had been brutally raped.

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