Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The big 'D' for JaSam?

I think it is lazy for THIS couple to get a divorce. Some couples need to get a divorce (abuse, neglect, violent behavior, etc). I support that.

However when it is obvious that a couple is clearly in love and just ‘doesn’t know what to do’ then I think it is a lazy way out.

Therapy? Relationship work? Spending time together instead of immediately parting? Where was that?

If my husband and I ran away from each other every time there was a bump in the road we wouldn’t have made it almost 20 years and I guarantee that my parents would not have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last weekend if they had not put work and commitment into their relationship.

Jason and Sam were sold to us as the couple that ‘could’. Because they were friends and lovers. Because they had triumphed over so much adversity. To just shrug all of that off and have them each run to a new pairing feels fake, oddly uncomfortable, and insulting to the viewers who have committed themselves to this pairing.

I was teary eyed last night for the loss and end of Jason and Sam but also for the poor message it sends to viewers that relationships aren’t worth saying. Trust me, many are.

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