Friday, April 1, 2011

foolin' around :)

It was tacky and low of Sonny not to be there at the memorial. If anything, in lieu of Jason not going.
Bad Bad Bad writing.
As far as VGM, yes we will always disagree about her.
I think she is pretty, I think she looks horrible.

Can we agree that good acting consists of more than just raising an eyebrow and giggling?

Sorry…I meant to say YOU think she is pretty.
April 1, 2011 at 11:50 am

I don't mind that we disagree on VMG - everyone is entitled to their opinons :)
I love that we both LOVE GH and are passionate about the stories being well written and cohesive and that we both put so much energy into figuring it out.
I love that Maria gives us a friendly forum to do so and that everyone is welcome to have their say.
How cool is that? VERY!
April 1, 2011 at 7:28 pm

3/31/11 Thoughts:
As far as Sonny and Jason not attending?
Oooh I thought that was strange.
I don't even remember when Brenda's birthday was.. if it were really her birthday I hope Robin will acknowledge it. I guess that is Sonny's 'best excuse' but Jason... oh to not feel as if he belonged (and those shaking hands) - heartbreaker.

You know what else bothers me? Brenda's sudden about face regarding Jason. Less than a month ago she was living in his apartment and he was protecting her.
Two-three months ago wasn't she cradled in his arms on the sofa/bed having nightmares? I thought for sure Guza was going to put Jason/Brenda toghether. Instead they played a 'close friendship' which I thought was kind of sweet.

Now.. what? She doesn't care.. or feels 'out of place'?
I get that it's a coverup because she suddenly has a 'miscarriage' she has to grieve over. (that hasn't stopped her before from being in people's lives).

Argh.. it's those inconsistencies that annoy me more than anything.

Poor Elizabeth. That's all I have to say. What a complete rut she has dug for herself.

Basic Instinct or Misery?
What else.. ewww Lisa is going to completely corrupt Kristina. Those evil eyes - dark slanty pits of hell! Yes Lisa is going to teach Kristina how to capture Ethan (if we ever see him again) Basic Instinct/Misery style. I'm so sad Lisa will be her mentor but at the same time not surprised - when was there ever a positive role model on GH after Lila passed away?

The New Mob:
I miss the old Morgan. I had hopes he and Molly would take over the mob. The new Morgan? Not so much (plus he's never on screen).

Michael's got a gun:
Michael subconsiously wants to go back to prison so he can kick "Carter's" ass even though Carter is dead. He doesn't understand this yet and needs more time in therapy to figure this out. Instead he is spending a lot of time acting out his mob fantasies and making love to Abby. While I applaud his studliness he needs to think before he acts or he is going to end up back in the place he dreads most... and I don't think he is as powerful as he 'thinks' he is. It will be a terrible wake up call. Or worse he will end up in Shadybrook for PTSD and who knows what will happen.

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