Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I miss you, and you, and oh, especially you!

One thing I've noticed is that the GH character canvas has gotten SO small. We seem to see less characters per episode and almost during the week. Even a month ago we were seeing more of the cast per scene, scenes were annoyingly short ... a few seconds long, but we did get to see more of the cast. Now it seems to me the scenes are longer, less bouncing around, but we are seeing less cast members.

Can't we have a balance? Can't we see all of the cast, maybe alternate days? Or group them together ... just an occasional karaoke, or bumping into each other at the hospital or Kelly's. (No commenting on missing out on the opportunity of Jake's Memorial - a prime opportunity to see all cast, contract, recurring and some faces from the past).

It just makes me sad to think how many GH characters we DO NOT see any more. It's a town of ~25 people... I'd like to see more than 7.

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