Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Big Three - let's mix it up, please!

There are three main characters that we see almost every day on General Hospital. Carly, Jason, and Sonny. Love them or hate them, they fill up most of the week.  I wish we could see a wider spread of other characters every day, but I like the big three, in my own way.

Carly: I'm not a Carly fan (character) per se, but I love all of the actresses who have played her over the years. However when they put Carly in scenes with other characters besides Sonny and Jason (Kate, Johnny, Shawn, Sam as Girl Friends) then I really like her. So, maybe what I like is a different or unexpected Carly.  The more variance the more I like the character. The scene with Carly/Jason figuring out C?Ks D.I.D. went on way too long for me.

Jason: I love Jason but what have the writers done to him? Where is his quick mental process and power of deductive reasoning? He is so clouded by emotion he can't think (Actually it's brilliant if planned but probably was not). Poor Jason, he used to be sharp as a tack. What happened to his role as protector? How can he abandon Sam and her baby (which I still believe is his, anyway). Plus, how hard was it to put D.I.D. together? No smart phones? No Google? I did love Johnny doing 'research' by reading Vicki/Jess's book from OLTL (Oh Yes They D.I.D., They Story of Vicki /Nicki and Jess/Tess)!

Sonny: I like Sonny in unexpected ways. Usually that means with Molly (and Kristina who is returning) who we never see anymore, or when he stops thinking about himself to realize someone else is in pain. When he is caught off guard, the kind, protective, nice, strong Sonny emerges. (He saw Jason's pain and missed C?Ks however I hope once he realizes what’s going on that THIS kind protector Sonny will emerge to help her.) Sonny has more layers than a fancy dip but we don't often see him in this role. I especially tire of the arrogant jerk which I know covers vulnerability (let's see more of that!). We get "sexy-time" Sonny,  "know it all" Sonny, "confess all my troubles to my kid Michael" Sonny,  "Angry" and "Seething" Sonny (powerful to watch), but there is that other layer which is pretty awesome and when the writers let Maurice show it, I always think... WOW.

There are SO many other characters on this show we seldom see and LOVE, and I wish we could see more of them besides in their little groups. Yes, some days I only interact with my hubs because I work at home. But GH should mix it up. Shoot, even on Gossip Girl EVERYONE gets into EVERYONE'S business.

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