Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GH murmurs... Katie Couric, and NLG Tweets... :(

A few things:

The first really bums me out although I guess I knew it was coming:

I've read 4 different places today that GH will be cancelled Sept 2012 and Katie Couric will take the 3pm slot.
Well it will be pretty easy to avoid ABC at that point on but man am I bummed out. I've watched GH 40+ years :(

KC is a free agent.

It's still speculation until Brian Frons posts a YouTube video.

Inside Edition is asking people to post what they thought of DWTS last night.
The Protest ABC Across America peeps are asking people to post why they don't watch ABC/DWTS

Nancy Lee Grahn posted on twitter this morning:
twitter research question; How many of you would pay $10 a month to watch a new daily serial with Daytime A-listers?

I would definitely subscribe. $10 is a lot, but we pay for channels we don't watch and when SoapNet and all of the other soaps are cancelled... Sure, sign me up. I just hope there is more than just one show in the slot :)

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