Friday, August 12, 2011

back in the hospital... with GH!

GH is getting GREAT again!
Monica and Edward together? With Sam? and they all stand up for themselves against Carly? Amazing!

I couldn’t stand the overdose of Dante with Lulu but I love Dante standing up to Sonny, and I love Dante helping Elizabeth. There’s still so much silliness of Lucky and the one dry match, where did the dog go, what crazy timeline is Jax/Joss/Sonny/Shawn on but it’s better. So much so.

We have even been treated to Skye and Mac and Bob the Badger!

I hate Jason having another brain surgery/coma, and the ensuing change (because I have loved the ‘new Jason' that we’ve been treated to this past year, the softer Jason yet still with a steely edge). And yes, with Patrick digging around in his frontal lobe with his ego driving the charge you can only wonder what will happen to Jason's poor, abused brain; but ultimately I’m not complaining about ‘the show’.

GH is interesting and fun and dark and full of demons again. There is MORE happening at the hospital than anywhere else right now. Sure, Sonny is flailing his gun around but that has less to do with ‘the mob’ and more to do with him being mad at Jax and off his meds. Any man with anger issues could go that route, if you don’t believe me look at the news.

So, bravo to Garin Wolf for taking a show that had been stuck on repeat and et al for so long and stirring the mud. Sure, in the guise of ‘they’ll come back’ along with the beloved faces of characters we’ve missed I’m sure we’ll see a resurgence of familiar storyline but thus far they seem to be treated with a breath of fresh air.

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