Wednesday, August 17, 2011

he's back!

I'd love for Franco to show up with little Jake under his arm, all twisted smiles and lure Jason away from his vows. Of course, Jason would run after Franco in a heartbeat. Would it really be Jake or a lookalike? That would be such a cruel twist? I know I pushed the "Franco switched the body" storyline a lot when Jake was first hit, but now I wonder wouldn't it be even MORE painful for the audience and Jason if we thought it was Jake and it wasn't. Sigh. I do love a BIG drama!

Still, I'm giving GW (Garin Wolf, new head writer) a little slack if all that happens is Franco waves another murder in Jason's face because he (GW) was left with a bunch of dangling participles, so to speak, and he's got to clean everything up, re-sort, and make things interesting again with a much wider canvas. It's a big job and I'm glad he's opted in for the challenge.

I'm not expecting an overnight miracle but by Jan I'd expect things to be really humming along. That's more than enough time to clean up the old storylines and start anew.

So ... I'm being patiently entertained for now :)
and optimistic!

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