Saturday, April 2, 2011

if not Jake, then who??

I have been thinking about ‘where’ the swapped out child might have come from...
What if Jerry happened to have a son three-four years ago who happened to be in an accident and Franco had access to this child (perhaps Franco had previously kidnapped this child??) and he gets the idea of "hey, I've got this injured blond toddler and I can kidnap Jason's son and have a go at him". This, of course, makes the child an easy match for Joss's transplant. This also plays in line with the previous Franco s/l of throwing a terminally ill man off a building as opposed to just any man. (No, the child didn't agree to it but 'maybe' it was the only way to get the child emergency care... to dump him at Elizabeth's... after all, he can't rightly show up at GH with Jerry's kid can he?).

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