Saturday, April 2, 2011

Franco/The Balkin/Helena

I'm trying to make sense of how Franco/The Balkin/Helena could all be connected.

My favorite theory goes like this:

Franco is the ring leader but lets The Balkin/Helena think they are in charge.

He hires The Balkin to deal with distracting Jason via the Brenda situation while he is busy (you know school, movies, Oscars). The Balkin is a great choice since he has a personal vendetta against Brenda. Of course Franco knows this because he has a man-size man-crush on Jason and knows 'everything'. (don't ask how - maybe henchmen to spare to follow everyone in Jason's life since his first kill)??

Tha Balkin spins out of control because he is crazy. Luckily enough for Franco his ex-lover Suzanne is playing things fast and loose and is always one step ahead of The Balkin. (After all she IS the one that brought Jason on board in the first place and is the one that has guardianship of the grandson).

Suzanne and her old pal Helena have set up a special home where Suzanne's grandson has been raised along with another little boy about the same age (Helena's latest obession/project.)

When Helena kidnapped Lucky all those years ago (or LUKE a few years ago?) she extracted some of his sperm. Her fascination with Luke combined with power/lust/dementia is a BAD combination and led her to impregnates a Cassidine niece so that she could raise her very own "Little Luke" aka Lucien. At long last Luke will LOVE HER.

Unbeknownst to Helena, Suzanne, in a last ditch attempt to protect her grandson, swaps him out for Lucien and presents Lucien to Brenda. (Obvs they must use this name as this is the name the child knows.)

Hell to pay when Helena finds out and wouldn't that be some fun fireworks.

Franco could have given the order to 'make it happen' and now he sits back and laughs like the insanly twisted childhood bully gone wrong he really is.

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