Tuesday, August 23, 2011

GH - STILL at the Hospital!

At least it all is happening AT THE HOSPITAL!

Fans have been clamoring for years that nothing happens at the hospital.. now, almost everything is.

I'm just waiting for the trail of icing to start piping out of one of the operating room machines with Spinelli fast on its trail, covered in gook, as Matt and Patrick are arguing over who is going to make the first cut for the autopsy on the body of Siobahn, because, you know, they do ALL med procedures now.


I'm not really complaining. The pace has picked up. We always check the DVR date now and wonder if we missed a show? Things are moving along and not hanging on the same storyline for days and weeks and months. (although this could be a budget thing, especially if GH is in fact doomed, and this way they can get more story complete and out before 'The End')

So, is it great? nah, but it's more interesting, and I don't yell at the TV as much as I used to, which, in effect, makes it great. I don't expect instant 'anything'.

As far as why Elizabeth was assigned to Siobahn? Well the only nurses are Elizabeth and Epiphany. I just thought that Elizabeth was on 'desk duty' and hadn't been reinstated to patient care yet, so I'm not sure if she 'should' be checking in on Siobahn, or if she just was doing it because she is 'nosy Lizzy'.

As far as Anthony having free run of the hospital - he has at least one guy that we know of there on his payroll who could have been his watch, who knows how many others keep eye.

Do you know what bothered me the MOST about yesterday?? That crazy Anthony would even say he noticed/cared about Liz/Lucky and getting them 'back together'. Puhleeze. Like any mobster/bad guy would care about the love lives of his victims. (oh wait, Franco).

Never mind, this is GH/Port Charles (or as Luke says, Port Chuckles, so if it doesn't make sense, laugh!)

Best line though?? "I'll kill him one pill at a time"
That gave me the shivers.

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