Monday, September 12, 2011

an important death on GH - who do you think it is?

"A few old characters (who have probably been recast) will be returning due to an important death." My mind goes to Ned, Dylan, and Lois returning...
And my mind goes to Edward.

I hope it isn't Edward. Well, I hope it isn't anyone important, but then again then it wouldn't be important, would it? It's bad enough they are going to paralyze Kristina. First Michael in a coma, now Kristina is paralyzed. I can't imagine what the future will be for Molly and Morgan or Joss (and this so soon after Jake was killed). Kids are always the biggest targets on GH.

I think I read last year that John Ingle wanted to retire but oh I love Edward, and the Qs. Skye's repeated request/demand 'don't hurt Edward' directed to Anthony has been prickling the hairs on my arms.

John Ingle is 83 - 2 years younger than my dad. If he's ready for a break, he deserves it. He is a wonderful actor, and one of my favorites. But selfishly, I hope to see him for much, much longer.

(And maybe I'm wrong. It could be Sonny or Carly or Lucky or anyone for that matter. This is just where I went...)

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