Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jax is back!

We (DH and I) figured it was Jax's 'rippling abs' that Elizabeth has been fantasizing about and laughed about Jax living on Spoon Island because heaven forbid Jax actually "GO" somewhere with that nice big boat and access to fortunes. This way he can skulk around Windemere and Port Charles and turn up just in time to see Carly fall into bed with Shawn.

Of course, since Lucky is soon to be departed perhaps Elizabeth's fantasy will turn to reality since I think this is a unique pairing for the duo? Elizabeth and Jax.. They would make pretty babies together and it would annoy Carly and perhaps even the stalwart Jason.

I wonder if the 'real GH' will be as intriguing as the possibilities?

Welcome Back Ingo!

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