Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jonny in bed with Connie?Kate because he HAS TO?

Realizing TPTB wanted an artifice to get Johnny/Connie?Kate in bed and Sonny/Carly back together (again? WHY? ugh!) I just still think it makes Johnny look weak and he has come so far (up until the organ donor thing). I really hoped that Sonny was setting him up for that one but I don’t think Johnny is ‘the mobster with a heart of gold’, despite BB and his sweet/sizzling demeanor. I think Johnny IS a Zaccharra. Sigh :(

There were two parts I liked about Johnny sleeping with C?K.
1) When Sonny was railing at them and C?K was sitting in the bed so quietly, but we could watch the emotions run across her face. I felt like I was watching Connie let Kate have a peek, then take control, the let Kate have a peek, over and over. It was magnificent. Maybe I’m reading WAY too much into it, but that is what I saw and for me it was golden.
2) “Shut Up Connie”.
The horror on Johnny and C?K’s face and the confusion on Carly’s was worth Sonny missing them and shooting the wall.

I don’t understand why half the time Sonny waves that gun around and says “I’ll Kill You!” but doesn’t. Dang it Sonny, shoot someone or put up the gun. You look like a fool waving it around.
Could Johnny have made a better choice? Yes
Should he have for his own personal salvation? Yes
Would that have made for a better storyline?
Well, if he took off, and Sonny showed up and found C?K sitting in Johnny’s trashed apartment with her clothes ostensibly torn and sobbing on cue Sonny would go after him.
IF Johnny called Sonny AND Ewen on conference call and maybe 911 and said ‘there is a crazy woman trashing my apartment” then maybe he’d have a chance, but only because Ewen was involved.
Now we see Ewen on a stretcher and he’s the only one that knows anything about C?K besides Johnny except for Jason, Matt, and Spinelli’s suspicions. Oopsie. Someone needs to put a call in to Shadybrook!

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